Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Interesting Views and Sights in The Mamilla Mall, Jerusalem

I remember Richov Mamilla when it was a partially destroyed hovel of a street, one of the "spokes" originating from Sha'ar Yaffo, Jaffa Gate. During the nineteen years from the War of Independence until the 1967 Six Days War, Mamilla was on the border.  Only the poor, those without much choice lived there.  After the war, it, like Yemin Moshe which was even more exposed and vulnerable to Jordanian snipers, was suddenly earmarked for luxury housing and commercial development.  The hapless residents were shuffled off aka "urban renewal" to live in quickly built tiny apartments in the more outlying neighborhoods.

When my husband and I made aliyah in 1970, we lived in the Old City and did some of our shopping in a small grocery store, Levi's, on Rechov Mamilla.  Closer to the King David Street end was the best Conditoria in Jerusalem. We continued patronizing it for years.

So I must admit a certain ambivalence when it comes to the very upscale Mamilla Mall.


Lorri M. said...

I love the photos, from architectural interest to statues, etc., each one is a jewel.

Batya Medad said...

Lorri, thanks

sara g said...

I studied at Hebrew U for my BSc 1970-73. We used to go eat at very simple (and cheap) "workers restaurants" on Mamila St. I also have strang feelings when I go to the new mall.

Batya Medad said...

sara g, some of the old buildings were beautiful with lovely shaped windows.