Monday, January 26, 2015

52Frames Complementary Colors, A Tough Decision!

  • blue-orange
  • purple-yellow
  • red-green

I had all sorts of plans to tie up blue and orange scarves artistically, but I couldn't find a model and didn't feel like doing it as a selfie, to get the extra credit of a fashion shoot.

needs cropping
Then I took some photos at work of orange and blue, then red and green jackets, but, as you can see, they really looked schvach, rather awful.

Thursday night, since I was off to see the Big Blue Jerusalem Lions play the Jerusalem Kings, who have a purple and yellow uniform, I was hoping to get a good shot of that.

But as us can see, they came out blurry.

Since on my way to the game I went through the shuq/shuk Machane Yehuda where I took lots of red/green and purple/yellow photos.

Of course, only some of them are cropped here. They would have changed a bit if they had been. I also found that my camera didn't always do justice to the purples. I had to turn off the flash so the purple flower looked its color.

On Friday, I still wasn't sure what I would do, especially when I photographed this gorgeous "kalanit," poppy.

In the end, after lots of cropping and thinking and then ignoring them for a bit, late Saturday night, just before I went to bed, I turned the computer on yet again and chose this very cropped strawberry:

I hope I chose correctly. What do you think?


Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

I think I would have chosen the flowers. the strawberry is nice, but flowers are prettier. :)

also, just a note - a kalanit is not a poppy. there are two similar red flowers that bloom in the spring in Israel: wild poppies (parag) and anemones (kalaniyot). the poppy has 4 thin petals; the anemone has 6 petals, and they are thicker than the petals of the poppy. a lot of people confuse them because they look so similar!

Batya said...

Leah, thanks. My flora knowledge is awful.