Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Another Blog? Gevalt!

Sometimes it seems that I'm totally insane. How many blogs can one keep blogging? Of course I have this one and also Shiloh Musings. And the Jewish Press sometimes uses my posts, and sometimes I put a post on Arutz 7.

So, nu? Isn't that enough for a normal human being? OK, Who said that I'm a normal human being? I'm probably not.

Well, with all I blog and write, some people have told me that I still don't spread my message wide enough. Actually, it was one person. He insisted that I was ignoring the paper/site that had the widest readership. He said I should blog on the Jerusalem Post. It took me a few months to get the guts to apply. But, I did apply, and then I got my acceptance letter. Today I blogged.

So, please keep checking and searching for me on the site. Here's my first post! CLICK! And tell me what you think, please.

I called my Jerusalem Post blog "Don't Fence Me In." That can be explained in many ways. What's your guess?

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