Friday, January 02, 2015

Wonderful Discovery

The other day when I was at the Israel Museum, I made a wonderful discovery. Someone I had worked with almost twenty years ago works there, manning care of the "cloakroom." I discovered it by chance, while I was rushing to get to a museum tour that had just started.

The museum forbids people to wander around with large bags, and being that it's winter I also wanted to leave my coat. First I tried to use the lockers near the entrance, but those locks they have always give me trouble. And since it was already 5:03, I ran to the cloakroom, which is near where the tour was to start. I quickly put my stuff down, ready to dash to the tour as soon as I could, when I heard a familiar: "Hi!." I took a glance and just couldn't believe my eyes.

I told him I'd be back to talk after the tour. He gave me my plastic numbers/receipts, And I ran as quickly to the tour as I could. I found it easily. Afterwards my friend and I caught up until my dinner date was ready.

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