Monday, January 05, 2015

MODERN Israel Museum Restaurant

I've eaten at the dairy restaurant in the Israel Museum many times; I always enjoy my meals there. But the other night after the tour I took and an unplanned meeting with an old friend, my dinner partner and I decided on something else. A meat meal seemed just right, so we tried MODERN. Actually, she had been there many times before, but I never had.

MODERN is large; reservations are recommended; call 02-6480862. כשרות רבנות ירושלים Kosher, Jerusalem Rabbinut. There was lovely background music at just the right volume. I could have stayed there all night listening, even dancing... but nobody was dancing there. We were given a nice table by the far wall, just the place I like to be.

There was plenty to choose from the menu. Even though someone had recommended their salmon, it seemed wasteful to get salmon from a meat restaurant. My companion chose the Jerusalem Artichoke and Chestnuts Sofrito, which is served in a Copper pan with beef, Jerusalem artichoke, root vegetables, chestnuts and sweet potato fries.

I had Grilled Chicken Breasts with a quinoa-beet salad and a vegetable that looked and tasted like a cross between some sort of celery and fennel.

We sampled each other's choices and agreed that we had both chosen well. Everything was totally delicious!!

I was so proud of myself for ordering such a low carbohydrate meal to counteract all the overeating I've done of late, but the restaurant decided to give us a treat. Yes, you guessed it, dessert on the house.

How could I resist? Yes, it was all delicious.

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