Thursday, January 08, 2015

Preparing for the Cold and Snow

On Tuesday, before the snow, I took a couple of walks. The winds were blowing absolutely awfully strong, so I did need reasons to get out. I went to the local super-grocers, which is larger than a grocery store מכלת makolet, and smaller than a supermarket, especially since there's no green grocer department. I did more shopping than usual there and hope that he, the owner has made lots of money from the weather.

Later in the afternoon I went down the hill again, but this time to the neighbor who hosts a weekly Tihillim, Psalms reading. On the way I spotted busy electric company workers bringing us emergency generators.

This way, by truck on safe dry roads was much better than last year when the snow had destroyed one of the electric control towers and they helicoptered in emergency generators.

At home I finally decided to add some insulation, temporary at least, to the open livingroom, dining-room kitchen set up I have. The once nice wooden door with pretty windows to the merpeset, balcony/terrace leaks heat and lets in freezing cold air and wind. So I pinned an old quilt mattress cover up on it with thumbtacks.

It may not be perfect, but it has improved things. Note the towel rolled up to keep cold air from coming in under the door. Better late than never.

Considering that colder weather is predicted for Friday and Shabbat, I'm not a happy camper, but that's winter, and it is supposed to heat up on Monday.


Adela said...

It seems that the same cold wind has made it over to New York City. The temperature this morning was around zero. I work in Coney Island and it takes me 20 minutes to walk to work from the train. I usually like the walk, but not this morning. Also because I live on the seventh floor and nothing blocks my building when the wind hits it, its awful. I stuff my windows with cloth and bags to keep the cold air from leaking in.

Batya said...

Adela, our 0 is centigrade, which would be 32 by you. My cousin said that it was 9 on Long Island, so I shouldn't complain. I think I'll just go to AZ this winter and forget about NY.