Saturday, January 10, 2015

A "Coffee Cozy," My Latest Crocheting Project

I haven't done any crocheting for ages, but bored out of my mind on this "snow close-down," I took out my "yarn bag" and decided the time had come for a project I had been talking about. I'm inventing and crocheting a "coffee cozy."

Have you heard of a "tea cozy?" They're put over a teapot to keep it warm. I make my morning coffee either in an old fashioned stove-top percolator or a French Press. I make enough for two giant mugs, and especially in the winter, the second cup is pretty cold by the time I get to it.

So for the longest time I've been planning to make or invent a "coffee cozy." Well, since I was rather bored the past few days, I began it. No, it won't be as cute or fancy as these.

But it will do the job, once it's finished.

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