Monday, January 19, 2015

All Lined Up for 52Frames

This week's 52Frames theme/challenge was lines. I had great fun taking lines pictures, leading lines and lots of lines.  Here's the photo I finally submitted after a late night facebook message coaching session by a group member. He got me to turn my original shot into black and white. I played with two photo editing programs until I got it.

Lined Up at First Station

 Here's the photo with its color, not actually "original," because it was cropped.

And here are the two others I had been thinking of sending in. Everyone preferred all these lines rather than the simple leading lines photos.

This was considered "second best" by some.

They were all very cropped and taken last Wednesday morning on my way to Matan in Jerusalem. The "winning" shot was in the First Station, the second is a side street off of Rechov Emek Refaiim, and this last one is in the park along the old railroad tracks.

And here are a few photos I took in Shiloh.

Maybe if I had caught the airplane in a better spot...

I'd say that "Lines" is both the easiest and most difficult theme yet. There are lines all over the place, which makes it easy, but choosing and then turning the photo into art is challenging.

I hope you agree that I chose the right photo.

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