Saturday, January 03, 2015

Not Just Folding Laundry

As you must know by now, I work in a clothing store. It's a job like running a home, plus, and I'm just a lowly "saleswoman." Yafiz is a medium size store. we need a few people working all shifts. I once worked in a big department store in New York, OK, just a "small" A & S which was on Northern Blvd. and Community Drive/East Shore Road, Long Island, NY. It's not there any more. But that was a much larger store. Each department had has many workers as we have in our entire store. I worked in Housewares. My boss would have me set up the display shelves. He'd tell me to give them my "special touch."

Since then, besides all the other sorts of jobs I've done, I worked in a hat store, children's clothing store, bagel place and a fruit and vegetable store.

At Yafiz, I've become the unofficial "window-dresser," even though there aren't any windows to "dress." I dress the manikins and when I open stock, I try to pay attention to colors.

I can do a better job at that than folding the clothes. Folding is not my specialty. Luckily there are lots of workers who do it better.

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