Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back to Ordinary Winter Weather

As awfully, wind chill factor  cold it has been since yesterday, the snow has been melting. It was its most beautiful Friday night and Shabbat morning when I woke up, but sorry no photos.

The local plumbers were busy repairing broken pipes and popped solar water heaters. Thank G-d we didn't have that problem, but our electricity suddenly went. Can't complain, honestly, since it happened after Shabbat. Our wonderful electrician changed into his work-clothes and came up the hill to figure out the problem. Luckily it was the outlet the washing-machine is plugged into. And add another Baruch Hashem that the nearby dryer outlet is, bli eyin haraa, (don't tempt the evil eye) OK. He'll, G-d willing, replace it when he had time, plus do a small repair that has been waiting for a long time. It didn't seem worthwhile  to call just for that. I had been waiting for a more serious or other repairs to make a "package" for the basic house-call.

This morning there's still some snow left, and the weather forecast is for what is called "occasional or local rain." I don't know if we'll benefit from sunshine in between, but G-d willing there will be some tomorrow. Please don't think I'm downplaying the value of rain/precipitation for us, but we do need both, and we have had lots of snow and rain that now needs some sun to give the Land the best benefit.

Here are some photos I just took.

May this be a very blessed winter, even though I'm not sure the Jewish People deserve such a gift from G-d.


Mrs. S. said...

"May this be a very blessed winter"

Batya said...

yes, amen, again
we must keep repeating it