Friday, January 23, 2015

American Football in Israel, It's Not Just The Game

There was a festive atmosphere during the first game of last night's double-header in Kraft Stadium, when the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions defeated the Jerusalem Kings in a thrilling high-scoring match that ended with a score more like basketball than football.

If you live in Israel and you like American Football, there's plenty to see. There's a very active league all over the country. It may not be the level of the NFL or even college playing, but it is football.

Last night a clan of fans partied bringing their own food.

And they even made sure to clean up afterwards.

There was also lots of food and drinks for sale.

And even before the announcer finished saying that it was half-time, kids were on the field having fun, girls and boys. No doubt that the next generation of female flag football players in Israel will be better than ever.

Is there any place else in the world where a SuperBowl party is catered with Glatt Kosher food?

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