Monday, October 05, 2015

And Now for The First Time in Months...

The fan is silent. I turned it off right after Simchat Torah ended. It's suddenly chilly outside. We don't have an airconditioner, and fans take ages to cool the room, the large open-plan L shaped livingroom-diningroom kitchen. So, I turned it on rather early in the summer and haven't turned it off, not even when we've gone away for Shabbat.

Our house was planned and built to keep in the heat during the winter, so it can get awfully hot in the summer. I keep the shades down and windows, which face east, as open as I can considering the badly planned "double windows" we have.

We didn't even have the fan and shades in the early years we were in the house, when the kids were little and lived at home. I don't know how we survived, but in those days nobody had airconditioning, so I guess we were used to the heat.

I guess we really ought to get airconditioning, which also will provide a more efficient way to heat in the winter. Any recommendations?

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