Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mash Up- Incongruous Composite for 52Frames

This week's 52frames assignment/theme/challenge had me quaking on my tripod. "Mash-up" as I understood it required advanced photo-editing combining incongruous, humorous, unrelated elements. I think that one of the examples had flowers coming out of a cigarette box. I just don't have the facilities/program/equipment for that.

But since in the two years or so I've been a member of the facebook-based photography group, I've never chickened out of a challenge, and this wasn't the time to weaken. I knew that I did have a shape-pasting option on "Paint," which is one of the freebies on my computer, so I decided to paint stars on a daytime scene.

I ended up using the gorgeous photo of Jerusalem I had taken when waiting for my son to pick me up on the road to Givat Shaul. I also toned down the stars from the original bright/strong sun yellow which glared in the delicate light tones of the Jerusalem stone-faced buildings.

Here it is. What do you think?

52Frames Mash-up

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