Saturday, October 10, 2015

What's More Embarrassing...?

Haven't we all had a wardrobe malfunction? I know that I've had them, probably more than I can count. And I've always been grateful for those who had the guts to let me know about it, whether strangers or friends.

Not long ago I noticed that a good friend, a very modest and well-dressed woman had a skirt on that seemed surprisingly sheer. She was about ten feet, three meters from me or more and I could easily make out her underpants. It didn't take me long to decide, and I was quickly next to her and whispered:
"Your skirt's too sheer."
Within seconds she was gone and returned later with a different one on. She was very grateful and explained that in the rush to get out she hadn't realized which she was wearing.

Most men have stories like that concerning their zippers, which may be open or with the shirt stuck. Buttons sometimes have a life of their own and open up. And of course we may not be aware of rips and stains. Sometimes wardrobe malfunctions are easy to repair, and sometimes they aren't at all.

One thing for sure. I've decided not to be shy about informing people who are most probably unaware of the malfunction. I'm certainly happy when people tell me. It may be embarrassing to hear it, but to think that I've been walking around like that is certainly worse.


Rickismom said...

When the person is religious, you can generally assume that it is a malfunction. And tell them. What gets tricky is if it is someone NOT religious and either it is a malfunction or they are trying to be terribly immodest. Once I had a case like that. I went to the lady, and said "I don't know it you intend it to be this way, but if not I think you would want to know XYZ". Turns out that she was quite grateful. I know that I would want to know!

Batya said...

So true, thanks for commenting.