Monday, October 19, 2015

English Lessons over Lunch

Yesterday I did some sitting for my grandkids and made them lunch. In order to distract them from the mindless stuff they do on the computers, which they fight over at times, and improve their English, I brought some DVDs, cartoons in English. They enjoyed the classic Bugs Bunny so much, I had to move the table in front of the screen so they could watch and eat simultaneously.

OK, I agree that Bugs Bunny is rather stupid and has very little actual dialog, but they didn't complain about the incomprehensible language, and maybe something will sink in.


sara g said...

would they watch youtube? for the little ones, there is TuTiTu - short cartoons about building things from different shapes. in hebrew or english (or russion and more). my 3.5 yo grandson knows words like kitchen, truck, car, train and more from watching the english versions.

Batya said...

Using the dvd was the only way I could control or influence what they watched.