Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I'm an awful housekeeper. I always was and I always will be.
As a kid I was known as a slob. Over the decades I've learned how to keep myself looking relatively "put together" as the saying goes, but I'm not the fancy type.

If I have to choose between comfort and style I go for comfort every single time. I can't remember the last time I used my iron. I should probably throw it out, since if I did turn it, on rusty water would escape and stain whatever I'm ironing. Thank Gd I found stores that sell nice clothes from fabircs that don't need to be ironed at all.

I haven't a clue how to clean the blinds, so they're coated with a very heavy layer of dust. And our energy-saving livingroom windows, double--two frames, were so badly designed they are impossible to really clean. So I haven't tried for a very long time, like forever. Yes, ever since I realized that I would end up losing the rag between the window or getting so stuck they'd have to be disassembled and thrown out.

My husband has thousands of books, two and three deep on the walls of the den, so we haven't painted, because the thought of taking them down and putting them up again is worse than living with the old dirt and grime. Also, if they were taken down it would be impossible to replace them exactly where they are. And if they move he won't know how to locate specific books.

One good thing I've been doing of late is trying to get rid of things. I've given away lots of clothes, a few jigsaw puzzles and even a bit of my household items, like some serving bowls we never ever use, stained tablecloths and best of all, I saved my daughter money by giving her a couple of great quality (expensive) pots which she now needs, and I don't use.

At present I dream of redoing my very inefficient kitchen and making it easier to cook in and clean. I know that having such a project done will cause lots of stress, but then maybe it will encourage me to tackle other difficult household projects.

Of late my aim has been to unclutter, and I hope that I make significant dents by the time our kids have to move us into an old age home.

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