Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lovely Dairy Meal in Kfar Etzion

My friend and I had a lovely lunch at החממה Hachamama, The Greenhouse in Kfar Etzion, Gush Etzion, a pleasant and short ride south of Jerusalem. We usually look for bargain meat restaurants and thought about checking out the food/meal kiosks in nearby Rami Levy, because I figured that they would be similar to the ones in Sha'ar Binyamin, where I've gotten a nice simple meat and salad meal for just ns15-16.
But we were tired and needed to sit and did have the time for a leisurely meal, so we went to Hachamama which had been recommended by one of the shoe store workers. It's just around the corner; we didn't even have to move the car.

Their business lunch was very reasonable, a full two course meal with coffee for ns48 if I remember correctly. The salmon salad and another item were ns58, ns10 more. We ended up having their "antipasti" roasted vegetables with a nice minty yogurt dip as first course and the Halumi Salad for the main course.

Both were very tasty as was the coffee. We preferred eating indoors, though most other customers were outdoors. There are very interesting decorations, mostly old-fashioned kitchen items which were very familiar to us. Here and there were a few more modern cooking gadgets, but on the whole it was a very clever display. The menu was a lot more modern.

We didn't have any dessert, nor did we eat their bread which looked very tempting. Here's the information as copied from the gush etzion tourism site:
Opening time:9:00-21:00 ראשון עד רביעי sun to wed
9:00-22:00 חמישי thur
8:30-13:00 שישי wed sic (with all the English speakers in Gush Etzion...)phone number:02-623-0465

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