Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fighting "City Hall" and Winning!!!

Finally, Our Buses Will Go The Whole Route to Central Jerusalem

Residents of Shiloh, Maale Levona and Eli protested our bus banishment to Pisgat Zeev at the Mateh Binyamin offices in Psagot. 

After a year of struggle and great difficulties, we the public bus passengers won a battle. We fought "city hall" and are victorious. Our bus, the two main Shiloh routes will no longer end in Pisgat Zeev, the most northern neighborhood, by the "city line," exit from Jerusalem. Our buses will join those of Tel Zion, Bet El, Adam etc and reach the area near the Central Bus Station, actually not far from the Israel Museum. It's not a full victory. We all want to be indoors while waiting for buses, rather than outdoors, but it's a great improvement.

The bus stop closest to CBS, just up the street from Center 1
The changes start tomorrow, Gd willing. Besides the fact that we still have to wait outdoors, rain or shine, our bus schedules have changed. Obviously we have fewer, less frequent buses, because the bus route is now longer. One advantage to having a bus stop by Center 1 is that they have cleaner and free toilets, unlike those in the Central Bus Station. 

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