Thursday, October 08, 2015

Simple TNT Cold Cures

I had one of those annoying season change colds this week. It started with a scratchy sore throat and escalated into a frightening cough. Thank Gd it didn't keep me in bed, but the cough did disturb my sleep and frighten my workmates and customers.

My favorite cure is drinking lots of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. The water is simple tap water, not hot at all. Hot water kills the vitamin C in the leomon and makes it useless. That is easy when I'm home, but almost impossible at work. Luckily I only work part-time and managed to drink lots of my lemon juice water. And as you can see, I keep the lemon in the water to make it even more potent.

Yesterday, I was worried that the cold wouldn't go away in time for an important/significant family wedding tonight (no, not one of my kids, but almost) so I thought I'd get some Vitamin C in the nearby pharmacy. But when I saw the price (vitamins are expensive in Israel) I changed my mind and ran to the healthfood store at the other end of Sha'ar Binyamin.

There I bought myself some low sugar dried cranberries and flax seeds. The cranberries have a bit of Vitamin C plus antioxidants which is supposed to be good for our health and fight disease. I decided on the flax, because decades ago, it was considered a good food addition to clear the respiratory system of phlegm. Children with repeated/repeating bronchitis and ear infections despite taking conventional medicine were given ground flax seeds sprinkled over their foods with very good results. So I hope that the flax seeds will make my cough go away more quickly, Gd willing. I sprinkled some on the dinner I had brought from home. And then I had more with oatmeal after work. I make the oatmeal with water and cinamon only, no milk nor sugar added at all.

Last night I did sleep much better than the past few nights, thank Gd. And today I was up bright and early before my alarms went off.


LTC-MD said...

Or maybe your cold is just getting better on its own. Because that's what the natural course of a cold is. Or, you could attribute it to your series of home remedies - none of which has been shown (despite numerous controlled trials) to actually DO anything.

Batya Medad said...

Could be. But sure cheaper than vitamin c or useless medicine