Sunday, October 18, 2015

Piccolino, Always Something New and Yummy!

Last week I braved the fears of terror attacks in Jerusalem and had a wonderful meal in the heavenly haven, Piccolino the best kosher dairy restaurant I know of. I've eaten there before, and every time I do, there's something new and irresistible on the menu.

This time I ate their amazingly filling Red Tuna Salad.

Red Tuna Salad a la Piccolino

Gone are the days when any Israeli restaurant worth its salt served canned tuna, but nobody else has a tuna salad like this one.

My dining partner tried a much more daring and creative dish, Piccolino's unique Tuna Shawarma.

Shawarma is an Israeli favorite filling "fast food" traditionally made with lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or mixed meats. But somehow Piccolino's inventive and creative chefs managed to capture the flavor of the traditional Shawarma without the meat and fat.

I can only recommend both dishes so highly that it's worth dining with a partner, ordering both and sharing. Or just come there, again and again.

We ended our meal by sharing a piece of totally delectable and delicious chocolate cake they had recommended for us. We dined in one of their small rooms at a private table, since there was a wedding outside in Music Square. Please don't forget that Piccolino is the perfect spot for special events of all sizes.

Piccolino Dairy Italian Restaurant, Glatt Kosher, is located in a historic stone building at 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon Street, in Music Square, Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem. Piccolino offers a menu that combines simplicity and uncompromising quality.
Reservations are recommended Call 02-6244186,
Sunday to Thursday 10:00-24:00, The kitchen is open until 23:00
Friday and before Jewish holidays from 9:00-15:00, The kitchen is open until 14:00
Saturday from an hour after Shabbat ends until Midnight
The kitchen is open until 23:00

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