Friday, October 09, 2015

Dancing Up a Storm-MAZAL TOV!

I've been to so many weddings, dozens, probably hundreds over my lifetime. My very first memory is the wedding of an aunt and uncle when I was just over two years old.

And every wedding is different, has something unique about it. Even the most  ordinary and conventional weddings are memorable, because each couple and the families and friends are different.

Last night we were at a very special family wedding at the Jaffa Port, not a location I'm familiar with at all. This couple actually made sure to tailor their wedding according to their requirements, but it still had all of the elements of a Jewish Wedding, the chuppah (wedding canopy,) blessings, ketuba, food, dancing, great joy etc.

And the dancing was to their favorite sort of music, which isn't the music I usually hear at weddings, but my kids and I danced together on the sidelines.

When I see how beautifully my kids dance, I consider that my late mother is with us, since she loved to dance! I guess we inherited those genes from her.

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