Sunday, October 04, 2015

Next is Olive Season

As I've written before, we, that's my husband and I, are the world's worst gardeners, but even our garden has two types of food-bearing plants/trees/vines native to this part of the world. Both are used for various religious ceremonial and food purposes. And both of them require little or no care. I've written a lot about our grapes, but less about the olives.

The olive tree was planted by the Shiloh "town planners" before we chose this spot for our house. It was planted on the side of the path which goes from the street to the top of the hill, where later on, after we had already built and moved into our house the neighborhood shul was built.

Olives are a strange tree; the fruit/olives come out every fall, but there's a two year pattern. One year there's a rich crop, and the other year a lesser crop.  This year looks pretty good:

And in case you're asking, the answer is no. We don't do anything with our olives. Usually neighbors ask if they can take some for olive oil, and we say "yes, especially if you bring us some." This crop has the holiness of the shemitta year.

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