Friday, October 30, 2015

Night Came so Early

As I try to psyche myself up for the very first super short Friday of the year, I'm posting some "traveling home in the dark" photos I took Sunday night which was the first early night of the year. You may be wondering what I mean, since the times of sunset and sunrise do change slowly, because the earth in relation to the sun is slow.  But remember that only last Saturday night-Sunday pre-morning did we switch from Daylight Savings Time to Greenwich +2.  The result is that Shabbat candlelighting time is going to be over an hour earlier this week (today) than it was last week, so I and all the other Sabbath observers will have an hour less to get all the cooking and cleaning done. And when I was traveling home from the dentist in Jerusalem last Sunday, it was dark when my body felt it should be light.

On the trip back I had a good seat in the bus and took lots of photos. Night can be gorgeous as you can see here.

waiting for the bus at the "String Bridge" stop

entering the busy traffic
Jerusalem "city line"

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