Friday, February 05, 2016

52Frames, Shot From Above

Shot From Below
Greetings from...
A couple of weeks ago, I was so shocked and happy that my "Greetings from..." photo for 52Frames got so many "likes" and nice comments, but then, my "Shot From Below" was very ignored. I have no real eye for what the "audience," other members, like. This week's "Shot From Above," which I thought was interesting barely hit a combined double digit for "likes" and "comments."  Maybe I should have photographed more or chosen one of the other pictures, like these?

Here's the one I chose. Did I choose incorrectly?


Leah said...

Hi Batya!

As a very old friend, and fellow hobby photographer, I'm going to be honest, which is what I think you want, right?

I had about the same question awhile back. See here:
Look at the responses I got, especially from Revenant / Stephan and Dancing Dolphin / Jackie. I thought that even though that was an iPhone shot, it had color, composition, and really followed that photographer's style. Notice the opposite responses it got on 52Frames and , where seven people actually saved it as a favorite and everyone loved it.

Your greetings from photo was great! It had composition, color, style, and so many of us have good associations with it.

When I saw this week's photo, I felt like "okay, I'm going down the escalator in the mall to DSW. Period. I just didn't get composition, leading lines, rule of thirds, extreme angle, DOF or anything else.
While I do also look forward to the likes, I'm not judging my ability or lack thereof by them. I post the same photo afterwards on PB and FB -- to see a different reaction. I think to a certain extent 52Frames is a popularity contest. Certain people will always get tons of likes, even with a mediocre photo. Early posters get a lot more likes than late ones. It's way too big for everyone to look at all the pics now. Will people drop out as the year progresses? And then there are those who seem to delight in posting negative comments. Someone recently criticized a minor flaw in one of my posts. I went to look at that person's photos, and found a recent photo with almost the exact same thing, but literally a hundred times worse! Personally, I try to comment a lot, not just "zucchinis," which I find meaningless. And I try to judge each photo by both does this say "wonderful" to me, and does it really fit the theme? Your airport pic did just that! (Of course I have a few of my own partialities as well.... ;-) )

Okay. Off my soapbox. Just try your best every week. Keep on learning. And enjoy the ride.

Have a great Shabbos! Love, Leah

Batya said...

Leah, thanks so much, appreciate it. Maybe I just don't don't have the right "taste" and all.

Leah said...

Some of the photos are quite good. The airport one was outstanding! Just keep learning from your posts, comments, other people's posts, tutorials.... We always grow. That's what's important in anything. Not to remain stagnant....

Love, Leah

Batya said...