Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Awful Thing Happened Before Work

Yesterday just as I was about to sign into work at Yafiz I checked my mail and discovered awful news. The daughter of friends passed away, and the funeral was in just a couple of hours. I quickly told my boss who said "go, now," which I did.

Since I had just done a large shopping, I left it in the store and sent a note to the Shiloh email that I needed someone to bring it home. When my husband got home, he sent another email, and somebody we (or at least he didn't recognize) don't even know picked it up and brought to us.

There was another complication getting to the funeral, which was in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem. The bus is only every thirty minutes, and apparently I had just missed one. I decided to walk in the direction from the Central Bus Station in the hope that I'd find a cab for most of the way. But I was mistaken. There were few, and they were full.

Suddenly I saw one with a passenger pull up by the gas station towards the entrance to the city and get gas. When it finished and passed me it stopped and asked where I was headed.
"The Cemetery," I answered.
"Hop in," the driver replied.
"Are you going to the funeral from the bus accident?" asked the passenger.
"No, a young mother died of cancer."
We were each deep in our thoughts...

When we reached the cemetery, I asked how much to pay.
"Nothing," said the passenger.
"I'll give charity," I responded.
"Thank you," he said.
And we each went to our separate funerals...


Rickismom said...

There are SO many ways in which it is possible to do chessed. Lovely story (except of course for the funneral).

Batya Medad said...


Susan Steen said...

Batya, I haven't read in a bit. This is a beautiful story.

Batya Medad said...

Thanks for your comment.