Monday, February 22, 2016

A Festive Dinner at Piccolino

Yes, I admit that it's no secret that I'm a fan of Piccolino, that lovely and yummy kosher dairy restaurant in downtown Jerusalem, Nachalat Shiva, Music Square, not far from Zion Square. Last week before going to a Ben Zakkai-NCSY Dessert Reception a friend and I had dinner out together. She suggested Piccolino after reading the review I'd written, and she wasn't disappointed.

First of all, we were seated in their closed in, cosy section of Music Square and enjoyed the live music. We decided to have as healthy and dietetic meal as possible, especially because we were going to a dessert reception afterwards, and it's not all that far from Piccolino to the Israel Center. We chose to begin dinner with Soup of the Day, which was a very delicately flavored Orange Soup. It was excellent, just perfect for a winter evening.

Piccolino also insisted we try their latest salad, which was totally amazing. I didn't try the toast that came with it, but I did eat lots of the irresistible warm Camembert Cheese and the green salad with strawberries. And I must admit that I did have some bread, their multi-grain house bread, which comes with most meals. It was a delicious treat.

For our main course we shared their Tuna Salad, which is seared red tuna on a generous green salad, which includes perfectly made green beans.

We both agreed that it was the perfect meal and a lovely way to spend time together.

I understand that they make amazing breakfasts and brunches and lunches, too. I must try them.

Yoel Moshe Solomon Street No.12 Jerusalem, for reservations, events or questions: or 02:6244186.

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