Friday, February 12, 2016

"Up, Up and Away..."

"Up, Up and Away..."
No, this isn't a helium filled balloon. After much trial, error and wasted balloons, I discovered that the best way to propel them in the air is not to tie the. Just blow them big, get your camera shooting ready, let go of the balloon and quickly shoot pictures as the balloon flies up before it crashlands.
One of the locations I tried has a police station and lots of security nearby. I was afraid they'd come running and shooting at me especially as balloons often pop, but I wasn't disturbed by the authorities.

Camera: Canon Canon IXUS 145
Location: Shiloh, Israel

This week's theme/challenge on 52Frames, the photography group I'm in was "Levitation," and besides buying a bunch of balloons, I used a very low-tech way of "levitating" my subject. I just blew in and let it fly.

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