Sunday, February 14, 2016

French Press Tips and Warnings

I've been using a French Press to make my coffee on and off the past few years. At first I made a few mistakes and major messes. Now if you're the type who wants super hot coffee, the French Press is not for you! For you I'd go back to the old-fashioned stove top percolator, because you can then pour boiling coffee into your mug/cup. You can't control any of the electric ones to be boiling hot ready.

One thing you need to get a good cup of coffee from the French Press is patience. The instructions always say not to pour boiling water into the container, because it can cause it to crack or break. After it cools in the kettle a bit you can pour the water over the dry coffee of your choice. And then you must wait yet again. I use that time to drink more water and get out the sugar and milk.

Here you can see that the ground up coffee has floated to the top and is much darker than the liquid in the glass jar.

Next you should carefully mix it all up, and you'll see the coffee looking darker. If you don't mix it, the ground up coffee will get stuck in the filter plunger and make a big mess on your table. Also, when you mix it, it's recommended to use a plastic spoon and not at metal one unless you can be very careful and not touch the glass with the spoon.

Here it is after stirring. Gently push the plunger down, and then the coffee is  ready to be poured into your mug.


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