Sunday, February 07, 2016

Review of my Bargain French Press

A couple of weeks ago, I had proudly blogged here about my bargain French Press. But now after using it, I must say that it isn't worth more than I paid.

  • Although it claims to be an 8 cup size, I don't know what size cups they used for measuring, since it's just a bit larger than my giant mug, and my former one which I think was a standard 8 cup made me two nice mugfulls. I don't even get two half mugs from it. The only advantage of that is drinking a bit less coffee, though I don't have blood pressure trouble.
  • The filter, which is the key to the French Press process is a bit leaky. It's not the end of the world, but it's not perfect. 
  • Many of the better French Presses have an extra small filter that you put by the "spout" to catch rebellious coffee "pieces." This one certainly doesn't have one of those.
But of course I'll use it as long as it stays whole, unchipped and uncracked. 

Of course, pure Murphey's Law, it will last a very long time...

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