Thursday, February 18, 2016

Together Again at Last!

There are people who are always losing and forgetting things, and I'm not one of them. I'm a bit too OCD, checking my pockets for both gloves all the time and rather fanatic about hanging and clipping everything on myself, rather than taking a bag/pocketbook that's detached.

So when a couple of weeks ago I discovered that one of my new leather gloves, with the special tips that allow gloved fingers, thumb and index finger to be exact, to work on my smartphone screen, I was rather surprised. OK, it was a crazy day getting home from the Sharonim Mall near Tzomet Yarkon (Junction.) A friend dropped me off at the bus stop to Ariel on the turnoff to Elkana, and then I took a bus to Ariel. From Ariel I got a ride with a friend who lives in Eli, and then because the road to Shiloh was blocked due to an accident, I visited her until the road cleared, when she took me home. Even when I wasn't wearing the gloves I kept checking my pockets for them. But there was only one glove when I looked for them at home. I contacted my friend who didn't find the missing glove, not in her house nor her car.

OK, "kappora," I said. The loss of the glove is better than the loss of a person or some other major catastrophe. I still have my two older pairs of leather gloves, though I can't use my phone with them on. Big deal. I've survived worse. Haven't we all?

Over a week later, after some heavy winter rains I took a walk around the neighborhood, and because the weather was so nice and I was just "in the mood" I thought of using the machines in the nearby exercise park. But then again, I decided not to because there were a bunch of workers nearby. But I noticed something dark on one of the seats and took a look.

Yes, you guessed it--- my missing glove!

So, now, although they are no longer the exact same color and even size, they are together again.

And when winter weather returns, I'll be able to wear them, Gd willing.

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