Thursday, February 11, 2016

Piccolino- Always a Good Meal

When I want a good dairy meal in Jerusalem, there's a restaurant I always return to, Piccolino, and I'm never disappointed. It can be best described as uncompromising quality and creativity at reasonable prices.

While we were waiting for our main courses, we were given an irresistible drink and their focaccia (straight out of the oven) with accompanying spreads. And to be honest, I loved their multigrain bread served with herbed butter even more than the white focaccia. It took all my self-control to keep from filling up on the breads and spreads before the main course arrived.

I treated myself to the Vegetable Lasagna, not my usual, because it was filled with my two favorite vegetable fillings, spinach and mushrooms.  The tomato sauce was so delicious, I ate every drop along with the lasagna, which was perfect. I didn't even need to use the bread to sop it up. It wasn't watery at all.

My dining companion had their Tuna Salad. Now, this is no old fashioned tuna, from a luncheonette or even the nicoise you'll get in most restaurants. Take a look!

At Piccolino the Tuna Salad is seared red tuna on a generous plate of fresh vegetables and perfectly cooked green beans. My companion allowed me to have some, too, and even though she had eaten her fill, there was enough left over for her to take home for the next day's meal.

When we were full and ready to leave, we were told that we must sample their newest dessert creation, and they wouldn't let us leave without it. That was certainly an offer we couldn't turn down, and dug in. It was worth it and worth the extra exercise to burn those calories.

We sat at the bar, since Piccolino was pretty crowded, and with just two of us we could talk easily, plus we could see the "behind the scenes," how some of the dishes were created, assembled. They are truly works of art.

Piccolino is open all day, except Shabbat of course, from breakfast to dinner and dessert. You're bound to find something good to eat. It's strictly kosher mehadrin.

Since the owners know I'm a food blogger, they always serve me a few things I hadn't ordered so I can sample them. This isn't the same as the restaurant reviewers at the Jerusalem Post who get literally wined and dined by restaurant owners. I do pay for my meals, what I've ordered.
שעות פעילות OPEN HOURS

ראשון עד חמישי 10:00-24:00 המטבח פתוח עד שעה 23:00 Sunday to Thursday 10:00-24:00, The kitchen is open until 23:00

שישי וערבי חג 9:00-15:00, המטבח פתוח עד שעה 14:00              Friday and before Jewish holidays from 9:00-15:00, The kitchen is open until 14:00

שבת מצאת השבת עד חצות, המטבח פתוח עד שעה 23:00 Saturday from an hour after Shabbat ends until Midnight, The kitchen is open until 23:00

רחוב יואל משה סולומון 12 ירושלים
Yoel Moshe Solomon Street No.12 Jerusalem 

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