Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eeks, Just Over a Month Left to Get the Freezer Chametz-Free

Here's my freezer. I have to finish all that chametz in just over a month. It seems like an impossible task. On the bottom there are bags of challah I made just last week.

In a week it's already Adar, then two weeks later, it's Purim, and a month after that it's Pesach, Passover. I kept pretending to myself that there was a n "extra Adar" like in some years. This year isn't one of those. 

Some people keep gorgeous immaculate homes. I'm not one of those. Even "cleaned for Pesach," my house doesn't get close to the pristine beauty those other houses radiate all year long.

But, thank Gd, we all know that dirt isn't chametz!!!  Still that's no excuse not to clean well at least once a year.

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