Friday, February 10, 2017

Lovely Lunch at RIMON

Jerusalem's restaurant scene has changed so much over the decades. I think there's only one restaurant that has been there for as long as I can remember. That's RIMON. OK, it has changed a lot, going meat, dairy and now both side by side. It has had its ups and downs for sure, and I have no idea if the family of the original owners are still connected to it.

But one thing for sure, it does try hard to stay full and viable. They have a great "business lunch" offered all afternoon. They list a variety of prices and choices for NS49-, NS59- and NS69. Yes, I always go for the cheapest, which is as much as I like to pay for a lunch. A friend is visiting from the states, and we chose RIMON Cafe for our lunch date.

I ordered the Broccoli Quiche, which you can see above. It had a whole-wheat crust and a nice side salad, plus egg and creamy cheese. I ate every single drop. My friend ordered a custom omelet and also "cleaned the plate."

We were satisfied with the service. She got lots of ice in the table water, and I got my requested slices of lemon. As the sun began to set, they turned on more of the heaters.

The WCs are upstairs, so unless there are special handicapped ones downstairs, the restaurant isn't fully handicapped accessible.

They don't seem to have their site in English:
לונץ 4, ירושלים
4 Luntz Street

טל. 1599-50-10-30 / 02-6243712 Tel.
טל. להזמנות קבוצות 054-3077918 Reservations for Groups
פקס: 02-6252199 Fax

שעות פעילות: Hours:
ימים א-ה : 08:00-23:00 Sun-Thurs
יום ו' : 08:00 עד שעה לפני כניסת שבת Friday until an hour before Shabbat begins
מוצא"ש : חצי שעה לאחר צאת השבת Opens a half an hour after Shabbat ends on Saturday night

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