Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Brought "Coney Island" Quiches for Pot Luck Dinner

Some friends and I decided to get together for an impromptu "potluck" dinner the other night in Jerusalem. I wanted to contribute, even though I couldn't bring anything from home. So I decided to call the Coney Island Bakery on Jaffa Road and order a quiche. Since I couldn't decide between the irresistible sounding spinach and dried tomato ones, I ended up with both. Since they were baked to order, I had them hold the cheese, because I had remembered that some of my friends have been avoiding dairy.

When I got to the bakery, it took all of my self-control to resist buying some of their beautifully decorated baked goods. These, too, can be baked and decorated to order.

Actually, they do catering and also have a meat kitchen at a different location. Call them at 029400008 for more information and orders. They deliver, too.

You must be wondering how the quiches were, since I ordered without having tasted them. They were delicious, and as you can see from the pictures above, we all started serving ourselves before I managed to take my camera out and shoot.

Spinach and Dried Tomato Quiches from Coney Island, plus one of their "signature" knishes. The coleslaw is from a friend's kitchen. 
I'm glad I decided to order the quiches. Everyone loved them and the knish, too.

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