Friday, February 17, 2017

More Coffee Mugs #morningcoffeehaiku

family Chanuka gift for females, preteens and older
I've been drinking from different coffee mugs of late. It may be hard to believe, but the coffee does have a different taste depending on the mug. Each mug also has different meaning and memories for me.

And of course I'm still writing and posting my daily #morningcoffeehaiku. If you're on facebook, you can see them on your own.

Sunrise and coffee
I love to savor them both.
Fantastic day, y'all

Shiloh anniversary gift

Shiloh anniversary gift

Powerful sunrise
Super giant coffee mug
It's Friday morning
I bought this in New York, maybe for soup...

It's raining again
rain or shine, coffee's perfect
makes waking up great

Giant coffee mug
rescued from depths of closet
on a rainy day

Coffee always good
From all angles up and down
While watching sunrise

I bought this in New York, maybe for soup...

I need coffee now!
Got up too early today
and now it's raining

Super powerful winter sunrise shining through wet window

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