Thursday, February 09, 2017

Complementary Colors and Other Pics

As you know, I'm in three photography groups or programs or apps or however you want to categorize them:
Each of these photography groups is different. 
  • 52Frames, as you may be able to guess from its name, is a weekly photo challenge. They/It sets a specific weekly theme, photographic technique, and each member sends in one picture which is added to its album, which can be seen on facebook or the site.
  • 365Project permits one photo a day, any you want.
  • Instagram encourages not only encourages unlimited pictures each day, but also allows "movies."
On 52Frames we had to photograph Complementary Colors for this week, which was really easy, but I did want a photo that wouldn't look like anyone else's. It had to stand out being different. That's why I chose this one.

"Purple and Yellow"
I took some great fruit/vegetable photos, but those purple beads got to me. The last time my youngest granddaughters were over, the two year old played with them... So I put them on top of my "sugar jar," and love the look of those complementary colors.

But since I also love a couple of others, I just have to show them to you. Maybe one of these two would have gotten more attention; I've never been good at guessing these things. It's just that each year when we have this thing, there are lots of photographs of fruits and vegetables. I'd love your comments/opinion.

Train Approaching
Jerusalem Lightrail
Candystripe Rose
Usually the roses on this bush
 are white or the palest pink.
I've never seen one looking like this
Sometimes it's hard to judge which photo to chose for 365Project. There is an option to delete and then upload another one during the day, but I really prefer not to. These are a couple of my recent photographs.

Instagram is sort of like a visual/pictorial facebook or twitter. There are days when I'm not home and I make it a photographic diary showing where I've been and what I've done, all shot and submitted with my smartphone. The advantage of being able to post both still and moving pictures can make it very interesting and enjoyable, but the account is only by smartphones, even though you can see pictures on the computer. I just wasted a lot of precious time trying to find links for two connected pictures, which I'll give you from other media sources. Yes, I gave up.

What do you think of these? They are both on my Instagram page.

As you can see, there's lots going on for us amateur photographers. 

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