Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Do You Eat "Artichoke?" Here's a "How To" Guide

The artichoke is a vegetable that looks like a flower or the top of asparagus. 

It's one of those foods I had never even heard of, and certainly didn't eat, until we had been in Israel for awhile. Our family loves them and looks forward to having one as a first course at our Shabbat Lunch.

Each artichoke is a portion.

Before cooking, soak the artichokes in salt water to make sure they are clean of bugs. And rinse very well. Then put them in a large pot with lots of water and cook until the "petals" come off easily. We eat artichokes cold or room temperature.

There's a special technique to eating artichokes. Most people like to eat them with dips of some sort, whether techina, olive oil, mayonnaise, freshly squeezed lemon or anything similar you like.

  • Pull off a "petal," check that it's clean, and even wipe on a napkin. 
  • Dip the fleshy end, which had been attached to the plant, into your "dip," and pull off the flesh and dip with your teeth. It's easier than it sounds.
  • After eating most of the petals, you will get to a sort of "bowl," which is known as the "heart." 
  • Pull out the hairy stuff filling it. 
  • Add some "dip," and enjoy!
  • Artichoke hearts can be found in many freezer sections and is considered a delicacy. People stuff them with chopped meat or rice and then cook.
Enjoy, they are worth the challenge.

How to eat Artichokes!

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