Saturday, February 25, 2017

In The Nick of Time

That old Havdalah Candle is very special
Havdalah Candle
This week, I added a new Havdalah Candle to the shopping list. For the past few weeks during the Havdalah ceremony that separates the Holy Shabbat from the rest of the week, we'd been noticing that the candle was getting very dangerously close to the end of its usefulness. It would have had been nice to get a special one, like that was, but neither of us had found the opportunity.

So I had him pick up a simple one from the local grocery shop. It's really nothing all that special and even more difficult to use since it needs a holder or to be held. We put it away not knowing when we'd need it, but relieved that we wouldn't have to think of getting one for at least a few months or even a year or so.

A few minutes after Havdalah, when I was already settled in the den working on the computer my husband called me back into the dining room to see something:

 After the candle had cooled, and my husband was putting it away, he discovered that it had burnt through. So it was a good thing we already have a new one.

Chodesh Adar Tov
May This Month on Adar Be 
Full of Joy, Good News and Good Health!!

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