Thursday, February 02, 2017

Greatly Improved Cafe Cafe in Center 1

Like many, I'd eaten in the Center 1 branch of Cafe Cafe in the past and decided that their awful service and lackluster food were good reasons to avoid it. So, for a couple of years that's what I did. But the other day, my friend and I spontaneously decided to eat lunch out together. We both needed a lunch, had limited time and were in Center 1 on the way to different places.

We looked at an inexpensive food bar near the Yermiyahu entrance/exit, but it wasn't very appetizing, nor all that cheap. So we continued to the Cafe Cafe, since she had a membership there, and we needed the nearby WC, even though my recent visit was disappointing. Yes, it had been cleaned up since then. That is what I had expected. The building management must take care, because it is near restaurants and is the best one in the area.

It did look rather inviting, so we sat down and checked out the menu. Her membership gave us a nice salad for half price, and I liked one of the appetizers which included mushrooms. We decided to order both and share them. They were both delicious, and the total bill, because of my friend's membership was barely NS60. That made it a much better deal than the salads in the "cheap" place at the other end of the building. They've opened up a new seating section, but since the acoustics there are awful, we sat in the older part.

I am very glad that they've gotten their act together and improved the service and the food. Prices were also reasonable for that sort of restaurant chain. They are in serious competition with Gregg's which has also has a branch in the building. We had a very pleasant meal, comfortable seats and quiet enough for us, at our age, to enjoy completely. The Center 1 Cafe Cafe is completely handicapped accessible. It's Mehadrin Kosher, open Sunday-Thursday from 8:30am - 11pm, Friday 8:30am- 2pm and then reopens about an hour after Shabbat until "the last customer leaves."

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