Thursday, May 05, 2005

strange dreams

I had strange dreams last night, that I ended up missing my exercise class. There were other peculiar things in the dream. I don't usually have troubled dreams. Either I can't sleep or can sleep and sleep well, until I wake up.

The chicken's still frozen; I should have put it out to thaw much earlier in the day. Still no guests; I'll have to look harder. But I'm not interested in going away for Shabbat, since the yishuv will be having a special guest, Rabbi Yigal Kamenetzy, Rabbi of Gush Katif. His sister is a neighbor of mine and good friend. HaRav Yigal will be speaking, and I'm looking forward to hearing him. His shiur will be instead of our "shiur nashim" which I've been going to for 23 1/2 years.

Seems like the "winter weather" isn't over yet. But like every year, soon we'll be missing it.

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