Wednesday, May 18, 2005

too early

For some really strange reason, I had trouble falling asleep last night, must have had been those dishes acalling. But even worse, just before 4am I woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. This time I couldn't even blame the fog horn. It was me. And I finally got out of bed, turned on the computer, filled my giant mug with water and sat down to read, write whatever.

Ever since Hevel Havelim I've neglected some of my routine computer reading. I haven't even written a new musing.

And I hadn't had the time to experiment with my new toy, the coffee maker my daughter gave me. Last night she called asking if I'm enjoying it, and I had to admit that I hadn't figured it out yet. So she explained where the water goes in, which I hadn't found, and I promised to try.

For years I've been brewing some strong Israeli Turkish coffee in my tough old Farberware (Soltam) perculator, bought over 30 years ago. I love it, and call it "drain-o," since it keeps my system nice and clean, especially because I have about 4 cups of water first. It's also one of the reasons I must be home for a few hours after getting up. That's prime computer time.

So for my coffee review. This new, filtered variety, same grounds, just different brewing, is much daintier and cleaner. I no longer have to leave over the bottom half cup, because it tastes like thick sand. This is all for drinking, and I prepared a lot, all for me. No one else is up; it's not even 5:30am. I think that I guessed right about quantities. I just hope that such beginners' luck can be duplicated.

I have a busy day planned and hope that I don't crash too early.


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callieischatty said...

I can never figure out machines either. I leave it to my husband I am useless on that.
I can't work our coffee maker at all, he does it and always makes me my morning coffee.