Friday, May 06, 2005

great little restaurant in Jerusalem

I've been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks. Not long before Pesach I found myself in Jerusalem looking for a reasonable restaurnat for breakfast. I peeked into my usual haunts, but none of them offered just what I wanted, coffee, eggs and salad.

They all had variations on the theme, but something kept feeling wrong. Suddenly I remembered that I had seen an ad for a new dairy/coffee whatever place, and it was on Mordechai Ben Hillel Street, low numbers. So I went searching. If I'm not mistaken, the name is "Cafe au lait." Just outside there was a small table and sign about breakfast. I figured that there was nothing to lose, so I peeked in.

It was larger than I had expected and had to walk down a "hallway" of sorts until I saw a real nice place that extended into the inner courtyard, or back, of the bullding. I asked the person who seemed in charge what their breakfast deal was, and they had a few. There was one that included what I wanted plus a bagel. Just perfect.

I asked where the bagels were from ,and they answered that they baked them. I doubted that they were the genuine item, but figured I'd give the place a chance. I chose a bagel and waited for breakfast.

Breakfast was delicious and freshly prepared. I noticed a worker dumping something in a vat. Behind a glass wall was the bagel bakery. Yes, real boiled, then baked, bagels. You can watch them being prepared; great entertainment for the kids. Sort of like the old pizza places where the bakers spinned the dough in the air.

I'm not sure of their full menu, but for light meals, salads and fresh bagels, this is the place.

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