Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bit The Bullet!

After kvetching, ranting suffering constant embarrassment over my inability to spell 100% accurately and correctly, while using the new "create post" toolbar on blogger, I finally....

....wrote to blogger support!

If you're a blogspot blogger, please join in the campaign and write:
Here's my letter:

I do like the new toolbar on create post, but it's missing one extremely essential element, a spellcheck. When are you adding one?




Shifra Malka of JFB said...

Hi, Batya! If you use Firefox as your browser, you will get spellcheck as you type *anywhere* on the web. For instance, as I'm writing this, your name is underlined in red (LOL!--but I could add you to my dictionary), as is "spellcheck". So if I right-click on the word spellcheck I'll get several suggestions of how to fix it. (If you are interested in more details, write me at mitzvahgirl77.) May be a quicker fix than waiting for the blog ppl to improve matters.

Of course, even *with* spell-check, perfect it's never gonna be . . . at least by me!

Keep up the great work for shleimus ha'artez, and good luck with the teaching!

Warm wishes for a good and a sweet new year, blessed begashmius and berughnius!


Batya said...

shifra, I'm so glad to hear from you. We have firefox on the other computer, the yetzer haraa one with freecell and spider solitaire. It didn't work well on this older one.
Maybe I'll have a chance to check out a big post JPIX on it for typos.

Thanks, miss you