Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 'Grand Slam" Edition of The Kosher Cooking Carnival

As one of the veteran hosts of Jewish Blog Carnivals and one of the very select few to have hosted all three, Havel Havelim, JPIX and my "baby" the Kosher Cooking Carnival, this month is special, yes, even for me.  Because this month, September, I've possibly insanely now with the posting of this 46th  edition of KCC, done the super grand slam of JBlogging.  Yes, all three in the same month, the same month as all most of the main Jewish Holidays.  Jack, Leora and I wouldn't mind if you'd like to join this very exclusive club.  And if hosting just isn't your thing, send in your links, please, because we wouldn't have Jewish Blog Carnivals if it weren't for the great jbloggers who submit their posts.  I sincerely thank you one and all.  HH, KCC and JPIX  are for all, so please don't keep them secret.  Blog about them and pass around the links.

Here's a lsiting of all the previous KCC's:

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  • #44 Thanks Leora

  • #45 Thanks Chana

  • Honestly, I must admit that I'm taking the easy way out, no surprise considering all I've done this month.  I'm back teaching, which isn't all that simple.  I'll begin with the listing from blog carnival, and then I'll add other posts which had been sent in.  Thanks for the overwhelming participation.

    anything kosher!

    Annette Berlin presents Tomato Pesto Sauce posted at Craft Stew, saying, "I’m constantly experimenting with pasta sauces, and Tomato Pesto Sauce is my newest creation. To be honest, this sauce wasn’t hard to come up with. How could tomatoes and pesto NOT be delicious together?"


    Leah Lipszyc presents Kosher Recipes & Menus for South Beach Diet - Topic: Fruit Sorbet posted at Kosher Recipes & Menus for South Beach Diet, saying, "This is a great diet recipe, but if you want more calories for some reason, just use sugar instead of the fructose. Either way, it's great. I make this with sugar for Pesach."

    Risa presents Let them eat cupcakes! posted at Isramom, saying, "Cupcakes and the Jewish question"

    Mrs. S has a great sounding crumb bar recipe.

    Every day meals

    Ilana-Davita presents Pumpkin Soup posted at Ilana-Davita.

    Leora Wenger presents Crunchy Quinoa Salad posted at Here in HP.


    mominisrael presents Insects Keep Falling on My Head (on Sukkot, that is) posted at A Mother in Israel, saying, "Don't miss the comments about avoiding insecticides and other suggested solutions."

    I confirmed the medical advice about fasting with our local doctor.

    Jewish holiday food

    mominisrael presents Cooking Ingredient Spreadsheet | Cooking Manager posted at Cooking Manager, saying, "Combining cooking with modern technology!"

    Restaurant or Cookbook Reviews

    There's nothing like Jerusalem restaurants.  Here's a double review.

    I liked the food at the 2nd Annual JBlogger Convention. It's hard to please everybody.

    Don't buy cheap coffee; it's not worth it!

    traditional food

    Mimi, who will be hosting next month's KCC, presents I'm Cooking Cholent This Week posted at Israeli Kitchen.

    Jerrod Foster presents Grandma's Recipes: July 2009 posted at Grandma's Recipes.

    Ricki's mom posts some very necessary survival techniques for coping with all the cooking and preparation before the holidays.

    That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
    kosher cooking carnival using our carnival submission form.
    Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

    , .


    Leora said...

    Thanks again, Batya. I hope you enjoy doing these carnivals!

    KCC by Batya - anyone cooking?

    Sarah Likes Green said...


    great job!

    Batya said...

    Leora, ~Sarah~, thank you both!

    Mimi said...

    Thanks for the link, and a huge KOL HA-KAVOD for all that work this month!

    Batya said...

    Next week it's all yours.
    Nothing beats hosting jblog carnivals for simultaneously promoting your blog and others.

    Pesky Settler said...

    Kol haKavod!

    Batya said...

    thanks and thanks again for the gorgeous logo

    Anonymous said...

    You have been working so hard for our benefit thank you!

    Mrs. S. said...

    Excellent job x3!

    Thanks for the link, and I hope you find some time for some well-deserved rest.

    Batya said...

    Ilana-davita, Mrs, S. thanks to both of you. It's team work.