Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Public Diet Update

It's close to a year since I changed my way of eating.  Yes, some people would call it a diet, but I don't like the word.  There's something temporary in the concept.  You do it until you've reached the desired amount of weight, and then you end up returning to your old way of eating.  Eventually the weight returns, sometimes "with interest," as the Israeli/Hebrew expression/idom goes.

If that's the pattern, I'd rather not start.  Not that I looked for this change.  Yes, I knew I had to lose weight, but I also knew that dieting wasn't for me.

So, nobody's more amazed than I am to know that I've lost fifteen kilo, over thirty pounds.  My guess is that more weight will slowly come off for another six months or so.  Whatever weight I reach is fine with me, as long as the weight doesn't return.  I don't expect to look like I did twenty plus years ago.  And I'm not willing to stress myself out on a strict exercise regime to try to return to a shape, much slimmer than I am now.

I can now find clothes in any store.  Honestly, I'll miss some of my "women's" stores and their styling, but now I can walk in wherever the prices are great and the styles attractive.  I fit into normal sizes.

I've given away a lot of my large clothes.  And some things have been altered to fit the new me.

Basically, I'm on a modified low carbohydrate diet.  I eat my favorite foods and haven't made anything "dietetic."  I don't use fake sugar.  I have the real thing in my morning coffee, just a bit.  I don't remove the skin from the chicken, and I don't go near the 1/2% or 0% dairy products.

I eat real food and lots of it, especially lots of cooked low carb vegetables.  Once a week I eat bread and starchy vegetables.

I don't suffer from food cravings, which proves to me that I'm on the right track.  I'm eating what I should be eating.

I'm coaching a few neighbors in "dieting."  And I hope to do that as my next profession.  Of course I'll blog about it.

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