Monday, September 07, 2009

JPIX—Since a picture is worth a thousand words…

A few months ago, enjoying my free time as an "unemployed," with very little to do which wouldn't put us further in the "hole," I volunteered to host two Jewish Blog (Jblog) Carnivals, JPIX and Havel Havelim both scheduled for September. To make it a Jblog "hat trick," after months of enjoying the fact that other jbloggers were hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival that, too, has fallen to me. (Unless someone is willing to take it on…)

Way back when Mr. BagelBlogger, very ably assisted by his beautiful wife, the lovely Baleboosteh, took up my challenge and started JPIX-The Jbloggers Picture Carnival. Seventeen editions later they retired from the jblogging scene. After that, Little Frumhouse announced that she wanted to bring JPIX back to life. And she did! And now JPIX is organized by Leora of Here in HP. I last hosted one almost a year ago.

This time, I must admit that various pressures and a lack of preplanning are forcing me to produce the type of carnival I don't really like.  I'm taking advantage of the "instacarnival" that blog carnival offers.

Baruch Hashem, we have an enormous amount of posts for your viewing pleasure.  Please have the blog-courtesy to post about this and mail the link around, too. Thank you!

Here it is, drum roll please:
Leah Lipszyc presents Up and Down Day5: Shechitah -- Like Sheep to the Slaughter - chossid - posted at chossid's photoblog.

Leah Lipszyc presents The Creator's World -- Two Stories - chossid - posted at chossid's photoblog.

Leah Lipszyc presents Bless the Sun! - chossid - posted at chossid's photoblog, saying, "Better late than never? Sorry, somehow I didn't see recent notifications for Jpix."

mottel presents The Grand Wedding of the Chief - The Legendary London Trip III posted at Letters of Thought.

Mottel presents Out and About London - The Legendary London Trip II posted at Letters of Thought.

Mottel presents The Legendary London Trip - Part I posted at Letters of Thought.

Robin presents Summer Stock Sunday #7 - Summer in the City posted at Around The land, saying, "The one above typifies an average summer day in my little Israeli city. This second one is another "life in Israel" type post:
Or if you prefer something more artsy, use this instead:
Your choice, use any or all of them :)."

Summer in Shiloh is spelled: pool!

Yisrael Medad presents Tisha B'Av 5769 - 2009 posted at My Right Word, saying, "A few pictures of the "Little Kotel" along with the Rav Goren Minyan on Tisha B'Av with a bonus vid."

Yisrael Medad presents My Right Word: Undergoing Harrassment posted at My Right Word, saying, "MyRightWord got stuck (along with Shiloh Musings) in a traffic snarl near their home and disproves the "apartheid roads" calumny"

Yisrael Medad presents My Right Word: Shiloh's Entrance Undergoing a Facelift posted at My Right Word, saying, "Shiloh is undergoing "expansion" according to needs of natural growth.

Leah Lipszyc presents HELP US WIN $25,000 FOR OUR ORGANIZATION PLEASE - chossid - posted at chossid's photoblog, saying, "Too late for the contest? In any case, this will give you a small taste of Jewish life in Crimea, a too often corner of the world."

Art for Art sake

The Jewish SIde presents Where I Would Go posted at The Jewish Side, saying, "The second house picture"
Sharon Katz of Voices Magazine features her latest TV star.  Voices, which some of you probably now as a paper magazine, has now gone online, too.  It offers not only it's usual features and columns, but now, it also has TV.

Elke Reva Sudin presents Elke Reva Sudin illustrator extraordinaire | Frum Satire | Jewish Comedy posted at Frum Satire.

Eretz Israel

shorty presents Israel+JWRP+129.JPG (image) posted at Shorty's Adventure, saying, "This is from my trip to Israel..."
shorty presents Israel+JWRP+112.JPG (image) posted at Shorty's Adventure, saying, "This is walking along the beach at the Dead Sea...someone left this gift for me to photograph."

Mrs. S. presents Fauna Friday: Chameleon edition posted at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress, saying, "Thanks for doing this! I look forward to seeing the final product IY"H."

For the past five years, Jerusalem has enjoyed a new landmark, a building of great beauty, inside and out, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.

Family and Friends

Devo K presents Relaxing posted at In the middle, on the right.


Ilana-Davita presents Overnight Stay posted at Ilana-Davita.


Leora Wenger presents By the Light of the Silvery Moon posted at Here in HP.


Wolfish Musings presents Hand In Foot posted at Wolfish Musings.

Israel presents Sabra Album Take 6 – Marketing Edition posted at The Weisser's Journey to Israel.

Time's never wasting while waiting if you have a camera...  the Knesset never looked better.

Out and About

Robert J. Avrech presents Friday Fotos posted at Seraphic Secret, saying, "My beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles."

Jerusalem's Mamilla Mall has more than food and clothes.  But the Malcha Mall is better for kids.

Summer Photos

Leora Wenger presents Nature Notes: Sparrow, Groundhog, and Tall Flowers posted at Here in HP, saying, "sparrow or flowers, not the groundhog!"

proudmommy0f4 presents proudmommy0f4: Sore, tired, but we hiked! posted at Shema Bekola.


Soccer Dad presents Where was i sunday night? posted at Soccer Dad.

Leora Wenger presents The Rock of Gibraltar posted at Rubicon3, saying, "See the very last pic of the kosher bakery"


rickismom presents Calypso Cascades posted at Beneath the Wings.

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Enjoy! Please blog about it on your blogs, and pass around the link and encourage everybody to visit all the jblog posts and meet the jblogs.

Thank you!
PS  I'm going to have to change my suggested instructions on how to host a blog carnival, because things have changed, at least on my computer.  When I copy from word onto blogger, I now lose the embedding and had to redo everything.

Now that it's illustrated, I feel better.  I now have lessons to plan and papers to grade.
Shannah Tovah U'Metukah!  May you have a good and sweet year, especially a healthy one!


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Thanx very much! Lovely!

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Thank you so much, Batya! And thanks to everyone who participated.

JPIX Carnival and an Award

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My pleasure and thank you both, all who sent in links. The participation was just amazing.

YMedad said...

Thanks for the inclusions. Great to see the results of hard work spent in the other room.

The Husband

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Thanks a lot Batya for the hard work.

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Great job Batya, thanks for all your hard work.

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Ilana-davita, Robin, thank you!

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Thanks Leora for suggesting I participate!

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Thanks for including me, and ktivah v'chatimah tovah.

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Thanks Mrs S, considering that all these bloggers submitted the posts, we have great talents in the jblog world.