Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here's a Good Reason My Parents Must Make Aliyah!

The American medical system, even pre-Obama Plan, is horrendous.  I wonder if it can really be fixed.  It's a Frankenstein of miss-matched parts.

In Israel we have a handful of Healthcare (sick fund) organizations.  Anyone working, even very part-time, gets membership in the group of one's choice.  The unemployed get it as part of unemployment/welfare benifits.  That's the basic deal, covering low fee doctor visits and some subsidized medicines, etc.  There are additional add-ons etc for those who want/can afford.

All children are covered.  

Here in Shiloh we have two different sick funds, and for more specialized care we travel to other clinics.  There are nurses, a docotor and an ambulance if needed.  Being a small community, the service and care are more personalized.

Each clinic has its own pharmacy, and if a member needs a non-standard medicine on a regular basis, the clinic will specially stock it.  

I don't know how anyone could live in America.


Anonymous said...

because we are not constantly at war.
because we do not have to give up 3 years of our lives for military service, and if we are lucky come out whole.
because we dont have terror attacks.
and the health care system is really top notch -- you have people from all over the world coming to the us for health care. dont know if you can say that for israel.

Batya said...

a, what's your gripe?

Here is Israel, there isn't constant war. Actually, daily life is safer, and children have more freedom and indpendence than most places, especially compared to the USA.
My parents won't be drafted, and they are proud of their grandsons' army service.
9-11, nu, what was that?
I guess in your little bubble, you don't hear about all of those coming to Israel from all over the world for top notch health care. And we have an affordable system, in which you don't have to be rich to afford it.