Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Before I Totally Collapse

Thank G-d I've had a wonderfully busy day today.  I shopped in Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda, visited a friend for lunch, brought a different friend home, went to say T'hillim (Psalms) made dinner for everyone, took my father to the clinic (AOK) and had some friends over.

I probably won't make it to Tel Shiloh tomorrow, but I hope others will be there.  I can't leave my father alone and don't have anyone to stay with him.

It'll all be fine.

Good night before I can't reopen my eyes.


Elianah-Sharon said...

I wanted to return the visit to MY blog and was glad I did :) And happy to add you to my blogwalk :)

Batya said...

Thanks so much! I do appreciate it and know how hard it is to keep up with other blogs.