Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keeping It Simple, Presents For the Kiddies

There was a time when I had more money and there were fewer kids... I'd get clothes and stuff for all the kiddies when we'd have family gatherings.  This year I wanted to buy something that they'd enjoy and I wouldn't consider beyond budget.

So when I was in Jerusalem recently, I saw a good deal on stickers with all sorts of Israeli Flag motifs. I picked up two packages, giving a total of twenty pages of sticker, about 15 stickers to a page, if I remember correctly. I figured that would be enough.  

I also brought some blue and white balloons from the house.  I showed the stickers to my cousin's eldest grandchild and gave her the responsibility to set up the arts and crafts and give everything to her siblings and cousins. 

While they were working I blew up the balloons and tossed them to the crowd.  My father then joined playing with the balloons.  It was a success.  The kids and my father  had a good time. 

You don't need fancy expensive gifts.

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