Sunday, April 25, 2010

The "Scrap Hat"

Our financial situation is the pits.  This isn't the forum to go into details, though you regulars know that I'm not working, certainly not for money.

My latest "art hobby" is crocheting hats for myself since I cover my hair for religious reasons.  When we had enough money I'd frequently go "yarn shopping" after getting a new outfit, so I could have a new hat to match.  I neither bought clothes all that often nor crocheted all that quickly, so the pace of both usually worked out.  Occasionally I'd crochet a hat for my daughter and twice I crocheted kippot for my grandson, although he's a bit young to wear them (at least according to his parents.)

New clothes are now pretty rare for me, and my collection of hats and scarves is pretty varied, but I still like to crochet when watching tv or a movie.  I no longer have staff meetings and cancelled classes to spend crocheting, since I'm not working.  And this year I'm not taking any courses, so even though I have much less to actually do, the free time isn't the type of free time for my hands I'd usually devote to crocheting.

When crocheting one frequently ends up with extra yarn, and these "scraps" fill a very large bag.  So now when I need to start a new project I go "shopping" in that bag for scraps to create a new hat.


rickismom said...

LOL I am the world's SLOWEST knitter, and I don't knit that often. Over the years I have bought many yarns that caught my fancy, but never used. So when my daughter gave birth last winter I also went "shopping" in my yarn box, and made a lovely (3-month-old-size)sweater for the newborn. (Which took me 4 months to knit. Thank G-d I finished it before he outgrew it....

Batya said...

Love it! Next time knit six month ahead in size.